Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing to Learn Resources


Below are links to web pages devoted to promoting the use of writing to learn assignments. Some of these pages offer basic explanations of writing to learn with brief example exercises and some offer much more detailed assignments and conversations about writing to learn and its place in the classroom.

General Writing to Learn Examples

Colorado State University This site offers several general examples of writing to learn exercises. It provides in-depth descriptions of the assignments and teacher commentary on each assignment’s effectiveness.

University of North Carolina Center for Teaching Excellence A list of general writing to learn exercises. This site suggests some good assignments, but some of the descriptions are vague.

Howard University: This site offers a basic overview of writing to learn assignments and provides several sample assignments divided by subject matter.

Writing to Learn vs. Learning to Write: This site provides a discussion of the distinction between delineates the different thought processes that teachers should consider when creating

"Writing for Learning--Not Just for Demonstrating Learning" An Article by Peter Elbow examining the distinction between writing to prove learning and writing to learn. He offers several example exercises.

Low-Maintenance Writing Assignments: The Microtheme Defines the Mircrotheme and provides some sample assignments.

Sequenced Microthemes: A Great Deal of Thinking for Your Students, and Relatively Little Grading for You This article promotes the use of microthemes in lieu of longer, more intricate writing assignments and provides some sample assignments.

GMU Writing Guides: This site includes guides to writing in the different disciplines. It provides samples of both writing to learn and formal assignments.

Mathematics Examples

“Writing to Learn in Mathematics” This article is posted through Colorado State University and explores the significance of writing in Math classes, looking at specific ways that instructors have used writing in different types of Math classes.

"A Guide to Writing in Mathematics Classes" A guide to writing in math class, this site provides a discussion of the ways in which writing can improve students' understanding of math and some sample exercises